Our Photos some of which we are Rehearsing Dance at the Bodmin Boxing Club and Bodmin Berryfields Community Hall, recording at DogMeat Records Studio and on location at The Eclipse Night Club and anywhere else it happens!

MD4 Would like to thank…

Adrienne Dove Armstrong for her Choreography, Time & Patience and for always having faith and believing in Us.

Pete Smith for Great Photography and Web Design and everything he continues to do for DogMeat Records.

Chris Morris @ Ocean Studio for the loan of his Bigger Room For the  Auditions and Practice and his words of encouragement and support.

Bodmin Boxing Club for rehearsal space.

Bodmin Berryfields Community Hall for rehearsal space.

The Eclipse Nightclub for letting us loose.

Friends and Family for all their continued support We love You all x

10 second preview of “Heat” from the upcoming album “Eleven”…